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Initial consultation
After contact through email, a short phone or video call, a session is arranged to help us confirm if working together feels right. During these, I will enquire about your situation – what brings you to therapy, why now, and what your aims might be – as well as to answer any questions.

What to expect

I have quiet and comfortable rooms in Crystal Palace and London Bridge, and I also offer walking therapy in nearby parks if space and nature feel important. I sometimes work online, although strongly believe that working in-person yields better results.

Working together
To proceed, we create an agreement for our work. This could be open-ended or with a limited timeframe of 6-12 sessions, and will include my T&Cs around confidentiality, data protection, attendance and payment, as well as an understanding of your objectives. Periodically this will be reviewed, e.g. if moving from time-limited to open-ended work. We then meet once per week at a set time and place for 50 minutes.

You are under no obligation to continue, and can leave at any time. Endings are important though, and at least 1-4 sessions are recommended to integrate what has come up.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP 404008), and I practice under their Code of Ethics. I hold professional indemnity insurance, and also engage in regular supervision and CPD. Our work is confidential, and I manage your data in line with GDPR regulations. I stand for inclusivity across race, gender, sexuality and all forms of diversity.

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