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£80 standard rate
I can meet all of my needs (e.g. I eat out when I want and travel regularly); I have a good job (e.g. full-time in a profession); I own a property or rent in a good neighbourhood; I have access to savings, and/or some intergenerational wealth; I usually feel financially secure.

£70 supported rate
I can meet most of my needs (e.g. I am able to afford treats when I want); I have regular work (e.g. full or part-time in a profession or established trade); I plan a bit for my accommodation costs but can choose where I live; I have some savings, and/or debt that doesn’t impact me badly; money is a concern occasionally.

£50 low cost rate
I can meet some of my needs (e.g. I get by but it’s often stressful); my work is precarious (e.g. early career, unskilled or underemployed); I qualify for benefits, and/or have little choice in my housing; I have no savings, and/or problems with debt; I worry a lot about money.


Therapy is an incredible investment in a happy future – that everyone deserves access to. This means acknowledging financial diversity, which is why I use a sliding scale of fees based on each individual’s situation. I ask clients to make an honest self-assessment from the following rough guidelines:

I offer a limited number of places at even lower rates to anyone that would otherwise be unable to afford therapy. Please contact me for more information.

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